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Hope Today: Promise for the Year 2014

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As I was waiting upon the Lord to provide me a promise for the new year 2014, God gave me a phrase “New Season” and a verse from the word of God on how the new year will be.

The promise can be found in Deuteronomy 28:12

  • The Lord will open for YOU His good store-house, the heavens.
  • He will send rain to your land in season.
  • He will bless all the work of your Hands”

What a promise for you and me as we begin this new year 2014!

The Lord of Heavens and earth cares about you and me and He know exactly what you are going through today. It may you are going through the most challenging times of your life, but our God will bring you through. He will open His good store-house of heaven and send you the much need rain of blessing in this new season of 2014. He will bless all the work of your hands in this year and fulfill the yearnings of your heart.

Be strong and courageous as the Lord of Heavens is with you as you enter this new year. Nothing can stop the blessings God has in store for you.

Hold on to HIS promise for this year and God will take you to places you have never even dreamt of in your life.

Have a blessed New Year 2014!

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